21st Century – The Age of Sexual Exploitation?

In today’s world it is becoming increasingly difficult to progress with everyday life without being made aware of sexual content; plastered on billboards, printed on the front of newspapers, displayed in adverts. The idea that ‘sex sells’ has now developed into the go-to media tactic in order to convey a message, and to be blunt it works! Growing up in an unshakable society where the naked body is no longer a private thing, how are we meant to differentiate between looking at images of models who are paid to pose in the nude and victims who are predatorily targeted?

 With the leak of famous-female photos still hot on everyone’s radar, it hasn’t taken long for people to make excuses for themselves looking at the images with the justification that women of their status should not keep such photos on their devises. It begins to make you wonder how individuals will react to the leaked videos and images of two hundred thousand female teenagers over Snapchat. Will people now take notice because minors are involved and stop sharing the leaks online? Will the issue now be taken as seriously as it should be – the exchange of pornographic content involving a minor? Or will people continue sharing the images, discarding the international issue as a bit of social fun?


 The 21st Century has progressed to become an age where people are taking advantage of other’s in their most vulnerable time through social media and multimedia. Instead of uniting as we are told we should do, we are victimising each other publicly. The sooner people realise that every click and share of nude images is a breach of privacy and the matter is taken seriously, (as a matter that is against the law) the sooner people can begin to feel safe online. This matter draws light to many different forms of sexual exploitation and dives into the issue of when is enough really enough?

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One thought on “21st Century – The Age of Sexual Exploitation?

  1. This was a story I followed intensely, personally I do not agree with these types of social media services and I will explain why. In todays days world as a parent I am constantly worrying and losing sleep over my children’s safety so much so it is basically part of my daily routine. With new technology adding social media sites where you can send personal pictures and messages it has just intensified the pressure. I have two teenage girls who I know have SnapChat so when I heard about these leaks I was alarmed to say the least. Although I trust my children 100% I don’t trust others, and Snapchat is a social place where predators could be disguised as anyone. The pressure on young people is evident and more intensified than when I was a child, there is much more of a struggle for young girls to grow up and act older than their years. add the burden of teenage boys and it is no wonder girls are sending out inappropriate pictures. From this story I have insured both my girls have deleted the app and stick to social media sites that are safer.


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