EU voted!

European parliament voted for Google to split up. However, they have no power to do so therefore this is just a treat coming from the EU saying they don’t like what Google has been doing.

The fact is that Google has been unethical all its ‘life’ although it was all legal until the ‘right to be forgotten’ came in. One Spanish citizen found an old information in Google Spain search results in a Spanish newspapers from 1988 about an auction of his, now re-possessed house, saying ‘this data is hurting my reputation’. He went to Spanish High Court with the aim of suing the newspapers but they decided to go for the ‘bigger fish with deeper pockets’; Google. Google felt very powerful and so Google took this case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ)  On 13 May 2014, ECJ voted against Google Google responded ‘the decision is disappointing’.

This right is not yet complete and cannot be used as 100% right but EU wants Google to act on the EU ground according to European rules and Google surprisingly accepts. The worst and most unethical yet legal argument of this entire situation is the fact that anyone can request a data removal but since they launched the form almost 100,000 out of 140,000 (in the first 2 weeks) requests were criminal convictions. Last month over 40,000,000 URL link were requested. The rule of removal is for the data to be either explicit, inadequate, irrelevant or out of date as well as it cannot be used for third party (courts, police…).


As I have been reading all the latest articles about this data removal case, criminals have had the data removed (loads of them) that, I think, should be unacceptable. It should stay there just because in the future it may happen again and that time they might be missing something that could lead them to the murder or criminal. Moreover, the links are only being removed in the EU area (Google Spain, Google UK – only locally) but in the Google USA, the data stays there.

Now I sort of understand why EU has voted Google to split. Yet I do not agree for Google to be divided. We all know it is multinational company that has over 90% of worldwide users but what if Google would have adjusted their policy a little and  would listen to the stakeholders and allowed its stakeholders to do as they as just because they are their customers and they are getting the fame and money from them. But Hey, no one ever will stop using Google just because it is the biggest and fastest search engine in the world and so nobody will switch unless there is something similar but ethical.


I also want to point out that Google original motto is: don’t be evil although Google has been thinking of changing as it was an old one. In my opinion, Google does not want to be associated with it anymore due to the fact that Google has been evil at all times but only the minority of the screwed up things (e.g. NSA info leaking) came out to the surface. I cannot wait to find out more about this multinational company that I wanted to work for but as much as I am digging deeper and deeper I want to work less and less at

More of the right to be forgotten and EU parliament elections:

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One thought on “EU voted!

  1. If Google splits, how would it work if it divides? It would create big transformation and I dont believe it would be handled very well due to being the multinational corporation. I dont agree yet believe that will happened…Google is a big thing and EU just wants to protect its citizens which is nice but hey EU, calm down – s***t happens 🙂


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