GUNS AND GLORY – Will Firearms ALWAYS be part of America’s Culture?

While catching up on the week’s news with a cup of coffee this morning, one article in particular caught my eye. Reporting on the tragic story of a fatal mass shooting at a New Years Eve party in Canada, I was astounded to see such a calamitous article being reported towards the end of the newspaper. It began to get me thinking about how relaxed people’s attitudes towards firearms have become!

 In the US alone, in 2014 there was a grand total of 50,911 incidents involving gun violence, of this startling number 12,517 of these incidents resulted in fatality. The more research I did on the matter showed me that over 30% of the American population have attained a permit to own a gun, that amounts to over 9.5 million people and that’s only the individuals who have applied for the permit! With such a hefty proportion of Americans owning firearms it is not surprising that America’s gun use is out of control.

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While shopping in Wallmart in Idaho, Veronica Rutledge was accidentally killed by her two-year old son who came across her loaded gun in her bag while sitting in the shopping cart. When commenting on the incident spokesman for the Kootenai County sheriff’s office gave the simple statement of ‘“It’s pretty common around here — a lot of people carry loaded guns.” That short and simple account perfectly epitomises a delusional and breezy attitude that many Americans have towards firearms.

One question that needs to be addressed here is what will it take to change the laws towards firearms? How many innocent civilians need to loose their lives before change is implemented? However personally I believe it is never going to be that simple, legislation is one small step towards taming a brainwashed nation that for centuries have loved, cared and relied on their guns like a member of the family.

As we embrace the New Year and wish 2014 farewell it makes you think what changes it has in store. Although the cliché of reform sometimes could be unappealing and unwelcome it could also be crucial. This is one subject in particular has grasped the world’s attention repeatedly over the years and will continue to destroy lives until necessary reform is introduced and new legislation implemented so lets hope 2015 will be its year.

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2 thoughts on “GUNS AND GLORY – Will Firearms ALWAYS be part of America’s Culture?

  1. Growing up in Texas where my family and I would regularly go into the forest shooting, I can say that I am 100% pro guns in the States and banning them would be once again pulling away at our culture. I first learnt to shoot a gun at the age of four, my father took me to a safe environment and laid out simple targets for me to practise my aim. I was completely supervised the whole time and I felt safe in doing so. Yes America has a high rating for gun ownership and consequently injuries and fatalities, however as you mentioned the 30% have attained permits. I would be very interested in seeing the statistics showing the proportion of deaths caused by individuals who do not have permits as I believe it would be very high indeed as the necessary knowledge has not been passed on.
    Yes legislation is necessary but it is worth knowing that legislation is already in place and ignored currently. What is desperately needed is education on gun safety and tougher regulations when purchasing firearms, by making it harder to go in a store to buy a gun it will be one small step towards the right way.


  2. I agree that watching the news these days can be very depressing, all you ever hear is negativity! Gun violence in America has become crazy the statistics show this well. However, you must bare in mind that most countries have firearms issues, we have become a world obsessed with war!


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