Free Speech

Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas using one’s body and property to anyone who is willing to receive them. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

In another words, we human beings can say our opinions without governmental intervention.


All around the world there are more liberal democracy rather than free societies. There are majority of societies who have lack of free speech due to poverty, discrimination or cultural pressures. Now it is the government that sets rules, it is the politicians that say what we can and we cannot do certain time.

So why is freedom of speech vitally crucial??? Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. It also underpins most other rights and allows them to flourish. The right to speak your mind freely on important issues in society, access information and hold the powers that be to account, plays a vital role in the healthy development process of any society.


That is why there are charities such as NUS (National Union of Students) this is where students are heard. You may not think thatFreedom-of-Speech-freedom-of-speech-19188413-510-352 students are being discriminated but we are! Students’ Unions across the UK listen to us and try to make it as ‘comfy’ for us as possible whilst staying at university.


Each year around Christmas, there is AGM (Annual General Meeting). This is where students can submit motions and vote for or against it. It is super democratic and powerful. The motions that were voted for will be mentioned in front of the University boards to show that this is what students want and voted for.

AGM-poster-201411196094-6d01-4417-bb1d-92004ea6ebb2-mediumStudents not only listen to the motions but they also get free mulled wine and minced pies for FREE. I know, that is a great!

There are also opportunities for students to join and participate atOfficer Committee live or on-line.

Recently, we have done focus group that was aimed at students and their position toward university and students’ union. Through this primary research method, the SU will have the opportunity to find out their next moves for their new strategy for the next 3 years. Some arguments were critical and crucial that needed to be changed.

However, not only students must be heard. There are all sort of citizens from all around the world that have lack of support from the government or charities.They need us to listen to them and help them if possible. We could be in the same position. Let’s listen!


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6 thoughts on “Free Speech

  1. my personal opinion on freedom of speech is similar. I think that people deserve to be heard but there are not many people out there who can provide that kind of service. As we keep moving forward the new and trendier aspects of life come in and we just don’t look behind. Human beings should stop and look around to see what damage it has made and try to fix it by listening to public’s opinions and ideas. This could improve out the living and atmosphere we live in. I know that saying this won’t change anything but just the thought of possible making that happen is a nice and warm thing to believe in.


  2. Nice idea. A few grammatical errors. Also around 99% of the British general public are IDIOTS (you can’t say anything because this is free speech). So should they all be allowed to spout their gibberish? I hope not. But yay for democracy.


  3. i understand that people want to say what they want but would it not screw up the system we live in. I know ther emust be rules and without them we just go as sheeps – no where really


  4. I agree with the freedom of speech and that it is a fundamental right of each and human, i would be annoyed about not having my opinions, but are you sure the freedom we have here is entirely true and real, or just there to allow the people a calm of mind, the reason i say this, is the government here are still doing the same things, setting the rules and not listening to the people, so do we have freedom of speech or do we have a mind set of this.

    As in the other countries they do need the power and the people to listen to them, but people who can help, if we listen then complain nothing will happen, the people need to join together and ask for the help which is hard, theses are my opinions and i say thank you for letting me speak my mind.

    Good luck with everything, i would be intrested in knowing where this reserch you are completing will be going.

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