How Ethics Affect Us

So… How has contributing to this blog affected us? 

As a group we have spent months attending lectures about Ethical issues as well as diving further into these subjects with personal research for our Blog. By contributing individual posts to the page we have educated both our viewers and each other and in turn taken off our rose tinted glasses to look at certain issues the way they really are!


So as we say our final farewell to our blog we thought we would give our last input and share with you our personal thoughts and opinions on what this assignment and the ethics behind it meant to us..

So without further adieu, Here is what we really think ..


By writing all these posts about current ethics and issues affected me hugely. I became more aware of what goes on and how we people suffer just because someone decided to go and act in a certain way. Personally, this blog became a good platform for me as the Guardian to evaluate and understand who has been influenced the most and who gets all the fame. Also I think that these issues that are happening at the moment have been developing over the years and when it was time for them to blow or break, they did and it became a big strong surprise because none of us has been expecting it.

I will definitely keep blogging about similar things on my personal one to share my personal views because anyone who has anything to say, it should be heard by others because it is worth it. It is the freedom of speech.

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What started as an assignment soon became much more to me when I realised how much it affected me as a human but as a female also. Call me naive but some issues posted in our blogs I never really gave a second. It was only when they were written and posted I realised these issues shape my every day life and in turn have an impact on myself as well as my actions. For me personally I never really noticed feminism until the ‘he for she’ campaign was launched and it became a trend to wear the celebrity endorsed t-shirts of course being one to follow fashion I was quick to purchase the slogan printed shirt. However after attending an ethics lesson I was made aware of the types of conditions the manufacturers were working in and the wages they took home. From me following a trend and thinking I was donating to a good cause (which ultimately if conducted differently it would be) I was contributing to a slave labor chain. This affected me greatly and naturally I started researching other chains which also have ‘sweat shop style’ factories and what I found was startling. The majority of the clothes in my cupboard would have somewhere down the line utilized these types of factories and that to me was devastating! Although it is a hard task to set saying that I will no longer shop with my favorite brands, I will certainly be reading the labels clearer and if so be spending a little more to ensure there is equality and fair trade for all involved in the production line.

 This was the result from one blog post and exposed a deeper ethical issue than feminism! It was from this that I realized that I need to open my eyes and begin to look at the world differently and if so change my action to ensure one day in-equality and ethical misconduct will be a thing of the past.

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‘Ethics, Issues and Crisis Management’, when I was first introduced to this topic I was complaining to everyone asking ‘ Why am I wasting my time learning about something I’m really not interested or care about?’ which sounds selfish but it was true. But that tune quickly changed as the weeks went by I realised things that I’ve never really paid attention to do and can affect me like the topics I chose to blog about. Let’s take the first post I did for instance ‘Who Needs Feminism?’ if I was asked that question earlier I would probably look around first and be wary to answer it but now… EVERYONE needs Feminism. Feminism is a movement that believes women and men should be equal and how could you argue with that? In my opinion, it does not mean women can’t choose to stay home if she chooses to which unfortunately she may be scrutinised for. Feminism will always be seen as an ‘ugly’ word which is fine as long as the movement of having both genders equal isn’t seen as ugly, that is all that matters. But don’t get me started on ‘modern feminism’ which is slowly starting to sound as if women want women to have more rights than men which will be missing the whole point entirely. Ha! But look at me writing a whole paragraph on something that isn’t about me and enjoying it…

This assignment has allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge on things that happening in the world which may not directly affect me but has an impact in some way or another.

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