Scott Disick vs the UK Public

disick31 year old Scott Disick commonly known as Lord Disick caused mayhem on social media as he cancelled three appearances in clubs across the UK so he could attend Paris Fashion Week. The reality star has a long history of controversy lingering around him. Can you blame him? Afterall he is married to a Kardashian.

As a student of Southampton Solent University, I do know and value the importance of University and I must confess I was disappointed to turn up at Switch Nightclub where he was due to appear and was told he wasn’t going to be there. As a fan, I was disappointed but I wasn’t going to waste my night and I moved on to another club.

His disappearance sparked conflict on social media as fans took to Twitter and Facebook to express their disappointments. His manager publicly apologised on his behalf on social media however, if you are charging a minimum of £10,000 for an event, the least you can do is to inform people the reason behind your absence.

The management of all three clubs Lord Disick was due to appear promised to give everyone who bought tickets to the event a full refund of their purchase. Again people have taken to Twitter to discuss the lack of organisation and urgency.

Let me know your views on this topic.



4 thoughts on “Scott Disick vs the UK Public

  1. He should have at least let the club know. Everyone was ready to meet Scott Disick but well done to the clubs for the full refunds..


  2. I think that it was very disrespectful towards the fans and for me personally, there seems to be something arrogant about him.


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