How Ethics Affect Us

So… How has contributing to this blog affected us? 

As a group we have spent months attending lectures about Ethical issues as well as diving further into these subjects with personal research for our Blog. By contributing individual posts to the page we have educated both our viewers and each other and in turn taken off our rose tinted glasses to look at certain issues the way they really are!


So as we say our final farewell to our blog we thought we would give our last input and share with you our personal thoughts and opinions on what this assignment and the ethics behind it meant to us..

So without further adieu, Here is what we really think ..

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Our favourite thing banned under new surveillance plans…

In light of the shootings in Paris #PrayforParis, David Cameron has unveiled new plans if re-elected (I would oppose this but lets not get into politics) to ban anything encrypted and any methods of communication that can’t be security without a warrant these included the favourites: Whats App, iMessage and SnapChat.

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Free Speech

Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas using one’s body and property to anyone who is willing to receive them. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

In another words, we human beings can say our opinions without governmental intervention.


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GUNS AND GLORY – Will Firearms ALWAYS be part of America’s Culture?

While catching up on the week’s news with a cup of coffee this morning, one article in particular caught my eye. Reporting on the tragic story of a fatal mass shooting at a New Years Eve party in Canada, I was astounded to see such a calamitous article being reported towards the end of the newspaper. It began to get me thinking about how relaxed people’s attitudes towards firearms have become!

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EU voted!

European parliament voted for Google to split up. However, they have no power to do so therefore this is just a treat coming from the EU saying they don’t like what Google has been doing.

The fact is that Google has been unethical all its ‘life’ although it was all legal until the ‘right to be forgotten’ came in. One Spanish citizen found an old information in Google Spain search results in a Spanish newspapers from 1988 about an auction of his, now re-possessed house, saying ‘this data is hurting my reputation’. He went to Spanish High Court with the aim of suing the newspapers but they decided to go for the ‘bigger fish with deeper pockets’; Google. Google felt very powerful and so Google took this case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ)  On 13 May 2014, ECJ voted against Google Google responded ‘the decision is disappointing’. Continue reading

21st Century – The Age of Sexual Exploitation?

In today’s world it is becoming increasingly difficult to progress with everyday life without being made aware of sexual content; plastered on billboards, printed on the front of newspapers, displayed in adverts. The idea that ‘sex sells’ has now developed into the go-to media tactic in order to convey a message, and to be blunt it works! Growing up in an unshakable society where the naked body is no longer a private thing, how are we meant to differentiate between looking at images of models who are paid to pose in the nude and victims who are predatorily targeted?

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